The designation Pontos is used to describe the southern coast of the Black Sea, inhabited by Greeks until the Lausanne Treaty in 1923. After the implementation of the above Treaty, the Greek Pontians were forced to move to several greek regions, but with higher density to Northern Greece.

Pontians carried with them their cultural particularities, their traditions, their songs and their dances. Despite the pain of the uprooting, they achieve to maintain their cultural identity by re-producing a symbolic community, on the basis of their tradition.

Today, there is a vast number of pontian dancing groups in Greece and abroad as well. Other than that, pontian dances, because of their particular character, hold a special position in the performing repertoires of all the greek dancing groups.

Below you can see a list of pontian dances that have been taught during our lessons, along with a representative video:
Tik single
Tik double
Tik toyas
Tik tsourtougousous
Tik tromachton
Omal Kars
Omal Utsai